Engagement Agreement

Tax Preparation

By submitting or notifying us directly, You authorize Smits & Wilson LLC, Jackie Pillai, Enrolled Agent, and her staff to assist with the preparation of your Federal and State Income Tax Returns.

As your tax professional, we will prepare the Federal and, if applicable, State Income Returns from information you furnish. We will electronically file your returns and provide you with copies for your records. We will not audit or otherwise verify the data you submit, but will rely on the information you provide. We will keep copies of your return as required by law.

You are responsible for providing the complete information needed to prepare your returns. You agree to report all your taxable income, including any bartering, partnership interests, sales of business or personal assets, and all investment income from all sources. If you are unable to provide all required information 15 days before the return is due, you understand that a filing extension may be required and that the return may not be completed by the filing date.

If you claim a deduction for travel, automobile or computer expenses, business gifts, entertainment, or charitable deductions, you will keep timely and appropriate records and receipts. If you use any asset for both business and personal purposes, you are required to substantiate the deduction by adequate records or evidence. If you claim any such deduction, you represent that you have the required evidence. You are solely responsible for retaining the supporting documents and other substantiation to present to the taxing authorities in the case of an audit.

Tax law is sometimes unclear and subject to different interpretation. A position taken on your tax return may be disputed by the tax authorities even though it meets the standards for tax return positions described in the Federal Regulations. We will take a position favorable to your interests whenever the facts and circumstances justify it. I am not responsible for any tax, interest, or penalties that may be assessed as result of a position taken which is successfully challenged by the tax authorities.

When your tax return(s) is completed we will provide you with a copy.
By signing the e-file forms, you declare that you have examined the returns that they are true, correct, and complete, to the best of your knowledge and thereby authorize us to e-file your returns.

Fees for our services are at our standard rate for tax preparation or set as agreed to with client.
A copy of our fee schedule is available on request. Full payment to Smits & Wilson LLC is due when your returns are completed. A retainer may be required of new clients or certain circumstances.
Tax preparation fees do not include audits or the collection of any tax that might be due. If you wish representation before any of the tax agencies, a separate agreement will have to be established.

Complimentary Personal Tax Vault by SmartVault

Our tax clients have an online Personal Tax Vault available at no cost.

The Vault and their services are provided by SmartVault, an independent firm which is used by many tax and accounting firms. SmartVault is an online document storing and sharing service provided at bank-level security with industry standard encryption of documents in transit and at rest. If you choose to, we can invite you to get access to your personal tax vault. You hereby acknowledge the vault is provided by SmartVault and that your rights and obligations will be governed by the terms of service and privacy policy of SmartVault which are available to you through links at their Sign in/login page and on their site Furthermore, you hereby acknowledge that we are not responsible for, nor do we make any warranty as to the result that be obtained for the use of SmartVault.

The complimentary vault is only available and accessible to our active tax clients and exclusively for the use of storing and/or sharing copies of your tax returns and tax documents. You still are still responsible to retain all original tax and supporting documents for at least 3 years.

We will store copies of your tax returns and other documents in your personal Vault for 4 years from the date you file. After the fourth year those documents will be deleted. If you become inactive, by not using our tax preparation services, then your access to the Vault will be cancelled on October the 15th of that year. Regardless, all returns and tax documents will be kept stored by Smits & Wilson LLC for 4 years as required by law.

The vault is available to our clients at no cost. If certain circumstances or events may warrant to cancel or terminate this program (your Vault), we reserve the right to do so at our own discretion.

We, Us and Our refers to Smits & Wilson, LLC, Tax Preparation and Consulting Services, Jackie Pillai EA, tax preparer and staff.

Smits & Wilson LLC, Tax Preparation and Consulting Services
Jackie Pillai EA, Federally Licensed Taxation Specialist